“The Ultimate Network Will Help You Make Meaningful Connections, Grow Your Network, and Most Importantly, Create New Sales Opportunities.” 

As a Business Owner you wear many hats. The old saying “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer” is far too often a reality for most. Building your network is a critical component to building any successful business. As Founder Kate Johnson says “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!” The Ultimate Network cost-effectively helps you increase the awareness of your business and provides you with valuable REAL REFERRALS that create new customers and new revenue.

Should Your Business Join The Ultimate Network?

If you are focused on growing your business faster, more cost-effectively, and simultaneously building a network of professional connections The Ultimate Network is here to help.

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Essential Quality Home Care

Serenity Home Care

Armor Auto Detailing

Practical Online Marketing

“My Vision for The Ultimate Network is to create a connection point between businesses looking for support, high-quality trusted resources, and of course, new sales opportunities. – Kate Johnson

Reviews From The Ultimate Nework Members

Kate and The Ultimate Network provides my company a steady stream of referrals and reputable vendors and resources that I can trust. – Lisa Rivet, HR Influence

This is a great network to join for any business looking to increase exposure or link up with other great businesses. – Rick Rosenberry, Quickli Floor Cleaning

I highly recommend looking into these programs using her service, maybe just to see what you’re missing in savings if nothing else. – Stan Robinson, Pacific West Roofing

Like Kate says, “It’s not who you know it’s who knows you!” and The Ultimate Network has allowed me to grow my personal and business network significantly since joining. – Chris Jaeger, Practical Online Marketing