My Financial Girlfriend

“Girls just want to have funds!”

I believe everyone deserves to speak to, and plan with, a financial pro…

Yes, a Financial Girlfriend!

Some of my clients are broke and need help getting out of debt as a start. Some have millions and need to plan wisely for their future and heirs, or to give to charity, and not get wiped out by taxes. Most are somewhere in between.

That’s why we know one size doesn’t fit all. I will educate you, based on your unique situation – financial as well as who and what you wish to take care of; and how to build and to save more of what you earn for your best interest.

A transparent fee structure means you’re never left guessing what you’ll be charged.

Who I Am

I own and founded My Financial Girlfriend. I love transforming Money into a “Girlfriend” chat and not one that scares you into sleepless nights. I understand the world of finance and teach people in simple and approachable conversation. I encourage women to fully understand with their passion towards all possibilities, specifically focus on real life, compassion, kindness, and generosity.

What I do

My philosophy is simple & freshly unique, especially from within the financial industry. I whole-heartedly believe that all income-producing Americans, especially women deserve & have the right to work with a financial professional and have an in-depth discussion on how fees work in the industry.

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Contact Person & Phone Number: Lisa Brumm, (971) 373-5931

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