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Applause for Kevin Tripp

Kalika A. from Run Away with Me Weddings says…

“We have worked with Kevin Tripp on many weddings and would recommend him to any couple looking for a truly exceptional ceremony. He has become our number one male officiant for couples getting married in the Napa/Sonoma counties. We love working with Kevin because he goes above and beyond to make sure that each couple has a ceremony that is a reflection of them, and not a cookie cutter experience. He creates a sense of spirituality no matter what back round or religious affiliation, putting the focus on the love between the couple. He also brings a sense of lightheartedness, making each event a great moment for the guests as well. He is always early, organized, professional and friendly. Kevin is the perfect person to guide and set the tone for the most important moment of your wedding day!”

Paul S. from Oakley, CA says…

“Kevin was wonderful through the process of our wedding.  He allowed us to be as creative as we wanted with the ceremony and help guide us through the process.  On the day of the rehearsal and the day of the wedding he was warm and welcoming to us and our families.  Many of our guests commented on how great of a job he did with the ceremony.”

Are you looking for Professional Wedding Officiants in Northern California? I work with couples to create, plan, and experience AWESOME wedding ceremonies throughout Northern California, including Sonoma County, Napa County (Wine Country Weddings!), Marin County, and San Francisco County.

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